Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July/Aug 2017

WOW!! Just Wow! We at NC of NC and TOLHC am so impressed with everyone that joined us for our July Community Dinner and a Movie Day. We had over 20 of you in attendance. The food was great, and the questions you all asked our guests speakers made me proud to be part of your tribe.

Wouldn't it be great if we could get Kim and Nelson to come to all our meetups?! A big THANK YOU to them for attending, sharing their passion and their cookies, plus letting us share the recipes you enjoyed! Check out our recipetab for those links. And our phototab for pictures of our events. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with PlantPure Communities, the nonprofit arm of PlantPure Nation, Inc. We have created a POD under the name of Naturally Complete of NC in Chapel Hill, and you are all invited to register and join. This is going to be a great opportunity because it will allow us to share more of the incredible information that's been created to support the plant-based lifestyle choices that Kim and Nelson talk about. Plus you get to plug into our monthly group of positive and encouraging people while enjoying a good meal and discussion. Join the pod HERE. (You must first be registered, then ask to join.) 

At our July movie event, several of you expressed interest in doing a PlantPure Nation Challenge, and possibly even ordering the PPN frozen food line and kitchen starters to make it that much more of a simplified switch. Thanks to Deanna we have a great opportunity that allows you all to receive a discount on your initial order, plus earn points toward future orders. And all you have to do is use Deanna's Triangle of Light Healing Center's affiliate link and code. Just click on PlantPure Nation and be sure to use TOLHC as the discount code.

We are excited to help you on this journey and are here to support you through the process too. For our community only, we've even started a challenge support group forum of sorts on Facebook just for those of us doing these PlantPure Nation challenges and jumpstarts. This way you can get your personal questions answered (in a closed group setting - your newsfeed doesn't show it unless they are doing the challenges too). And it's a chance to not feel alone while gaining tribal support. Plus it's always more fun to learn as a group. Anyone that's interested can reach out to Deanna or I and we'll walk you through getting started via PPN and then add you to the TOLHC and NC of NC - Challengers (PlantPure Nation Style) Closed FB Group.

While having our July dōTERRA booth at the TriangleVegfest Monthly Market we meet some great new vendors and catch up with some awesome repeats too.  We have been doing a booth at this market for a year now and especially enjoy it because we get a chance to meet new members of our community that are also interested in a plant-based animal-friendly lifestyle, and the bonus is all the great vendors we get to meet and products we get to sample.

We want to continue showcasing a vendor each month and this month the one we are sharing we have enjoyed getting to know over the past several months and now you can support and love them too. Learn more about Jo, Madeleine, and the wonderful staff at Sama SPREADS. Sama SPREADS is an incredible dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free cheeze, no cheese spread that can be made into a queso, sans queso too!  “Sama” is a Buddhist term meaning “in balance with nature.” This reflects our intention to support healthy eating, environmental sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals by using only whole, high quality, plant based foods as the ingredients in Sama SPREAD. ~ from website  You can find their SPREADS at select Whole Foods, the Durham Co-Op, and the Bagel Bar - just to name a few. And of course, you can come get a sample or buy some nachos at the annual VegFest market on Aug. 27th in Durham. (See their picture on our photo tab)

Our next monthly movie event is Sunday, Aug. 13th from 4:00 - 7:00 pm where we'll show episode one of The Big Fat Truth. Using problem-solving and motivational skills, JD Roth takes on the challenge to help save the lives of our greatest unsung heroes. Watch how they learn that a plant-based lifestyle can support the changes they want to see. RSVP and save your seat. 

And our next market is the Triangle Vegfest Annual event at the Durham Armory on Sunday, Aug. 27 from 11:00 - 5:00 PM. Come Saturday to hear all the great guest speakers and I might see you there. Otherwise join us Sunday for our refreshments infused with essential oils and a chance to smell the oils you don't own yet. Bring cash for the local vendors and get a great lunch, but save room for last month's vendor Sweet Hazel's Nice cream. 

Let us know what you'd like to see more of. We are always looking for movie selections to offer at our monthly events so share what you've seen lately that I need to see too.

Ok enough for now, check back often. Comment and Share.
Thanks again!

Best Wishes,


Peace,  Love, and Understanding!

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